Meet Richard

GreenTinLibraryRichard, a Chemist and business owner was born in 1946 near Frankfurt, Germany.

He is proud to tell that he hails from a family of farmers and entrepreneurs settling in Central Germany more than five generations ago.

He acquired in depth knowledge of Protein Chemistry in large German Chemistry Corporations. These experiences encouraged him to start his own company.

Richard founded in 1984 a Biotech firm near Frankfurt. He transferred this business in 1989 to Boston, MA, USA at that time the center of the Biotechnology in the world.

His company started with Zero Sales and has been sold to a NYSE Company for approx. 30 Mio USD after reaching ~30 Mio USD annual sales with a better than 20% of PBT.

Richard strictly applied a Strategy taught in Germany in the early 1970ies and claims that without using this business concept he never could have reached such success.

Since 1995 Richard is a world traveller and has visited approx. 110 out of the ~195 Countries in the world.

Aside Germany and the United Stated Richard lived for extended periods in South East Asia, and in South America.

Presently Richard works out of Central America.

Richard`s eldest daughter studied at Harvard and in Heidelberg. She earned her PhD at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. She is now a Professor at a prestigious University in Southern Germany.

His second daughter was a professional Equestrian before she studied Agricultural Economics.She is operating together with her husband an asparagus farm in the Rhein-Main Area South of Frankfurt.

His son, still a highschool Student, lives in the Philippines, he is a very promising junior basketball player and he plays already for a local college team.

Richard has done intense Scientific writing during his business life and he is now turning to write about his business and travel experiences. Also he publishes Articles in Magazines with Natural Science content.

On 1st of April,2015 he has published the first out of a series of six eBooks with the Title: “From $31.50 to 30 Million Dollars. A Narrative Approach To A Unique Strategy”

After an introductory period, it will sell for $2.99 in US and relevant prices in other countries worldwide.

Punctually at the End of April 2015 he has published BOOK 6: Background Stories.

The other Books of this series are under the pen already.

The series is planned to be finished in early 2016