With A “Weird” Diet I Lost 13.0 Kilograms In Less Than 10 Weeks

Normally this is no information worthwhile to put in a blog post. However, those who know me in Germany, as well as my friends in Guatemala or the Philippines know about my permanent fight to achieve substantial weight reduction.

Coming back to Germany Midsummer this year from Guatemala, I visited a few doctors, among others an orthopedist, to check for a beginning Hallux Rigidus, a painful degeneration of my right foot’s big toe. Being a keen day by day walker, these pains were sometimes nearly unbearable.

Without going into more detail, this kind of orthopedic issue is mostly caused by fallen arches. So the Orthopedist prescribed for me made to measure insoles that will support the arches and the joints in position. However, he urged me to reduce my weight then above 101 kilograms (~225 pounds)  to reduce under 90 kilograms ( ~ 200 pounds ). Two years ago I was even close to 110 kilograms ~244 pounds.

The made to measure insoles were easy (I just received them a few days ago). However having gone through the most known diets without a lasting success, I felt  desperate about the requested weight reduction)

On the Internet, I found a diet plan that seemed weird and promising the same time:

The egg and grapefruit diet Continue reading

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Internet Lifestyle: Tailored To Retirees. An Overview.

This Blog/Page is a trial to get a short impression what this webpage will be all about.

When Internet lifestyle is debated on all the websites beautiful young ladies are shown on coconut palm surrounded beaches having the laptops on their knees and a glass of Rum or Piña colada aside them.

Undoubtedly, this picture may be real and the person working on the laptop is doing some email checking or working on some issues her boss has asked her to work on during her holidays. The wonderful combination of computer technology, software development, and worldwide internet connectivity make these pictures a reality today.

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PSA Testing More Harm Than Help ?

Please refer to the Page PSA Testing. Because of Actuality I have given the Subject a separate page.

Thank you

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Meet Michael Sherer In Antigua

I want to introduce my readers to another writer / adventurer in Antigua: Michael Sherer.

Michael lives already for an eternity in this beautiful Coffee Town in the mountains of Guatemala. He is a writer of the other kind.

Many disagree on his playing 51kf4OWnpOL._UX250_with the language. For me, I like it,  as it gives his blog a unique Character. Reading his posts always require some afterthoughts so it is no literature for the dummies.

Michael has a deep insight to the Restaurant, Bar and Music scene of Antigua and his readers are well advised to pay  attention.

Also, Michael is publishing books about some special characters who landed here.

Continue reading

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Generation Gap

Different groups within a society have different interests. Because sometimes one group wants something different from the other, Conflict is coming up. One of these conflicts is the generation conflict.

The reason for that is: it concerns the interests of young people, on the one hand, and those of the elderly on the other side. As with many issues, it is mostly about mo2013-11-18 06.46.32ney, how local or national governments spend the taxes we paid. Looked down into towns and cities there are often hot discussions if school buildings or structures for the elderly like the day care centers gives more advantage for the one or the other group

Since the population is aging, there are always more non-employed people who receive for what they have done during the active life and who have contributed to retirement funds an allowance or a pension.

The problem is that an ever-smaller percentage of the total population only does work and, therefore, has to pay into the funds that are getting distributed. Continue reading

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What Does Jimmy Buffet Has To Do With Retirees?

One of the interesting sides of  Antigua, Guatemala is its international population. Students to learn Spanish stay for a few weeks. While Retirees from North America and Europe are usually spending their time permanently in Antigua or during the winter months in their home countries to enjoy the around the year springtime weather.

But observing constantly the foreigner scene there are coming also once in a while some shady characters to town. Often they travel not only for noble reasons. Jimmy found out the most of them.

The good is, that the dark schemes of these dubious rovers are seen through quickly and they are leaving town before they can do major damages.

Listening to his song and knowing the region well  you  wonder if  Jimmy has been here in Antigua to compose his famous Banana Republics by watching the scene.

He expresses it well what you can see day in and day out in Antigua with his song from the 70ies:



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More and More Refugees to Germany

Number of refugees via the Balkan route  steady rising.

Are refugees a chance or a risk for the German economy?

I personally believe they are a chance, as long the g Continue reading

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