What Does Jimmy Buffet Has To Do With Retirees?

One of the interesting sides of  Antigua, Guatemala is its international population. Students to learn Spanish stay for a few weeks. While Retirees from North America and Europe are usually spending their time permanently in Antigua or during the winter months in their home countries to enjoy the around the year springtime weather.

But observing constantly the foreigner scene there are coming also once in a while some shady characters to town. Often they travel not only for noble reasons. Jimmy found out the most of them.

The good is, that the dark schemes of these dubious rovers are seen through quickly and they are leaving town before they can do major damages.

Listening to his song and knowing the region well  you  wonder if  Jimmy has been here in Antigua to compose his famous Banana Republics by watching the scene.

He expresses it well what you can see day in and day out in Antigua with his song from the 70ies:



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