With A “Weird” Diet I Lost 13.0 Kilograms In Less Than 10 Weeks

Normally this is no information worthwhile to put in a blog post. However, those who know me in Germany, as well as my friends in Guatemala or the Philippines know about my permanent fight to achieve substantial weight reduction.

Coming back to Germany Midsummer this year from Guatemala, I visited a few doctors, among others an orthopedist, to check for a beginning Hallux Rigidus, a painful degeneration of my right foot’s big toe. Being a keen day by day walker, these pains were sometimes nearly unbearable.

Without going into more detail, this kind of orthopedic issue is mostly caused by fallen arches. So the Orthopedist prescribed for me made to measure insoles that will support the arches and the joints in position. However, he urged me to reduce my weight then above 101 kilograms (~225 pounds)  to reduce under 90 kilograms ( ~ 200 pounds ). Two years ago I was even close to 110 kilograms ~244 pounds.

The made to measure insoles were easy (I just received them a few days ago). However having gone through the most known diets without a lasting success, I felt  desperate about the requested weight reduction)

On the Internet, I found a diet plan that seemed weird and promising the same time:

The egg and grapefruit diet

While the eggs provide among other substances in the egg yolk, a permanent, substantial source of proteins, the grapefruit is known to help to break down body fat and adds fiber to the diet.

The scheme promised that a loss of 5 kgs per week would be possible.

With not many choices left, I just decided to give it a try. With not a lot of hope that it will work.

I maintained my brisk walking program of 5000 steps minimum a day, so I was sure I had enough exercise. I must say that on average during the dieting period I walked about 7000 steps = 5.25 kilometers = ~3.3 miles.

And now to the results: I am proud to tell that up to now I have reached a reduction to 88.2 kilograms (196 pounds)  equaling a loss of 13 kilograms ( ~ 29 pounds ) in less than two and a half month.

The reason I did not reach the five kilograms a week ( except week one ) as the program claimed was that I modified the diet a little. I introduced as a reward for myself having kept steady with the egg diet for six weekdays, Sunday a normal eating day. Even with a piece of cake in the afternoon.

Also, I modified the diet in a way to take more fibers and vitamins, which might be another reason for not getting the promised speed of the diet, which is still impressive ( at minimum to me).

I am planning now to come down to 85 kg as a final weight point End of this November 2015 which I am 100% positive to reach. I want to move in between 85 and 87 kilograms.

The Egg + Grapefruit diet is unbelievably cheap. I have put the money I saved of food and beer physically aside for a reward for extras  I would not buy normally or could afford earlier than planned. Aside the rewarding Sunday`s  normal eating saving for something special is a great motivator also. At Sunday night, I also allow one glass of dry red wine.

My pains from the hallux were nearly gone even before I started to wear the insoles, due to the weight reduction. My sleep became much better with the reduced weight too.

The surprise of success that I did not from the diet is another motivator.

This time, I am sure that I can always repeat the egg diet when the yo-yo effect comes back above 87 kilograms I will be able to reduce my weight quickly within a few days.

Other diets like the Atkins “no Carb” diet I was not able to repeat as I started to hate them despite the success of reduced weight.

The egg diet is easily repeatable.

I am planning to write a little book about my experience with this weight reduction scheme. With my Biotech and Pharmaceutical background, I also want to look up some more scientific reasoning.

I recorded a detailed weight protocol, in which I noticed every day with all the weight I lost and all the gains coming back after family events or eating sprees I experienced with some work-related frustrations.

The protocol where I recorded the reasons for gains and losses also helped to maintain the egg and grapefruit diet by being very motivational.

I am positive this diet is a good way to interact quickly should my weight go out of self-set limits.

If you want to know more before the book is coming out, just contact me by email under richard.riversky@gmx.com




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