Meet Michael Sherer In Antigua

I want to introduce my readers to another writer / adventurer in Antigua: Michael Sherer.

Michael lives already for an eternity in this beautiful Coffee Town in the mountains of Guatemala. He is a writer of the other kind.

Many disagree on his playing 51kf4OWnpOL._UX250_with the language. For me, I like it,  as it gives his blog a unique Character. Reading his posts always require some afterthoughts so it is no literature for the dummies.

Michael has a deep insight to the Restaurant, Bar and Music scene of Antigua and his readers are well advised to pay  attention.

Also, Michael is publishing books about some special characters who landed here.

Michael is also critically discussing  local and national politics. I admire him for that as it needs some guts in a Central American country where corruption is the norm not the exception.

Like Ponzi Bob would easily fit in the character scenery described in  “Banana Republics” of  Jimmy Buffet (You can listen to in one of my previous posts). Bob claims to have a gold claim somewhere in the mountains. If you are a risk-averse investor check carefully when you are invited to become a gold mining partner.

When you will open the link for his post you can learn about Antigua in a different way the classical travel books are writing normally about. Have a look.


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