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Isn’t that a great philosophical insight of “Satchmo”?

Being able to play the tunes until it’s all over? Active retirees would like to wish that for themselves.

Often the abrupt transition from an active professional life to the retirement is coming like a shock if not well prepared for.

There are sometimes observations of funny activities from newly retired ones. I know from a man of one of my former companies, a large chemical complex. He did not want to tell his family he got early retired. He rented a room in his former company and went every morning on his bicycle the few miles to “work.” It took his wife a few years to find out about that her husband was not active anymore in his job. He had kept his internal telephone line so from the outside world it looked as if nothing had changed. He never talked about his motivation. Therefore, within the company it led to many gossips and speculations.

It is understandable that people who worked in jobs that challenged their physical capacities like construction or steelworkers that they want to retire in the sense of the word. If it is good for them all of a sudden to change to a sedentary lifestyle is a different question.

People having reached their mid-sixties need to do something which challenges their intellectual capacities more than the physical ones. Physical exercise is best to do with a program that best physicians and coaches develop with them according the individual capacities.

Should retirees need the extra money to complement their meager pensions it is not anymore easy to find work that has relations to their former jobs. Despite permanently repeated assertions of politicians, it is very hard to integrate seniors to the old jobs. Employees in job agencies are not giving a lot of hope to them to find something adequate.

This is tragic for those who need the additional money urgently. They end up in jobs like filling the shelves in the supermarkets, distribute newspapers early in the morning, or become taxi drivers. Nothing of these occupancies is challenging the intellect or experience of these retirees.

Nevertheless, there is hope climbing up on the horizon. Since a decade the internet and the progression of the relevant technology has developed to a point where it is not anymore impossible to learn something very new again.

Whether for making money or only providing a satisfactory occupation the IT technology is moving towards the special qualities retirees or better call them from now on the seniors have to offer.

This blog focusses on the 50 + Generation and those who live in the surroundings with them day in and day out.

Often they have achieved a lot in life, building careers and companies. The day they leave their job or have given up flourishing companies to others they fall in a broad gap, they may get desperate, depressed and feeling unwanted. They need attention encouragement, and the feeling want to be needed.

Governments try to do a lot for the older ones, and they build up research, organize housing and research for those who suffer from age-related health issues that come with age. Every politician never fails to claim to have the seniors in mind, as they are such a big voting block, always playing a decisive role when it comes to elections.

Do politicians have the right approach to those who could be contributors to the economy and society in many different ways?

Who is taking care for those who are still fit and healthy and want to live an independent and useful life? In a way, that encourages the young and the elder ones to live together in a way that both parties can take advantage? Instead, the visible efforts getting the seniors in an easy, transparent way on their side, the youngsters who feel getting taken away and consumed their hard earnings is getting deeper and deeper.

These efforts to bring the older generation on their side causes more confrontation and friction than helping to achieve harmony.

Wouldn’t have the seniors their big voting power they just would be alone and one could imagine that they would become the scapegoats for all the economic evils in society.

The author is for sure not in any majority of bloggers when it comes to building blogs, websites and writing books or articles supporting the issues of the 50+ generation.

Mostly the baby boomers who are filling now the ranks of the retirees are not as literate when it comes to computers, internet and programming like the younger generations.

Nonetheless, the seniors have made experiences the younger ones will never be able to make again because all the encouraging and depressing happenings of the post-war period are gone forever and are history today.

Some of them need to support their existence due to meager pensions, and they have to take jobs, like filling the shelves in supermarkets or distributing newspapers early in the morning. Yes, these jobs are necessary and need to be done. However when a student does it to compensate his monthly parent support, he knows it will end some day when he will get integrated into the workforce. A retiree does not see a positive end and he knows that the next step back will happen the moment his physical health is deteriorating.

But there is much more in for the baby boomers.

They could fill libraries with books about their business lives. Describe in travel tales their adventures. And they also could safeguard the younger ones from the outcomes of the mistakes they made both in their private and business existences.

These aspects could direct the juniors as well as the seniors

The content of this blog/website is supposed to address a better sharing of proven experiences, and the changes youngsters are facing in their day-by-day struggle. Those who need to make the ends meet to raise their families the veterans can encourage to give advice how partnerships of the younger ones can survive just by avoiding the same mistakes they made before.

The authors and contributors to this blog intend to be unique in giving away honest advice from their life experience. Also, the young ones will take advantage of their savvies and knowledge they have never learned before.

Sometimes the content of this blog will be dead serious, other times it will be funny, but I promise it will always be entertaining

Just as the life every day.

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Louis Armstrong with his most famous Song “What A Wonderful  World” that has become an eternal  evergreen

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